Woman sitting at a desk

This #WomensMonth2023, we are celebrating the women driving behind Nissan South Africa

National Women's Day is a reminder of the fearless women who laid the foundation for the progress made in empowering women today.

As Nissan, we are building towards our 2030 ambition of establishing a truly inclusive, equitable and diverse brand, a true representation of the diversity within our loyal customer base and the evolving fabric of society.

For this reason, Nissan South Africa is commemorating the women who are making a mark in the motoring industry. 

Meet Ayanda Phadziri whose work ethic and achievements have proven that women are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.Tell us about a typical day in the office for you?

On an average day, I start my day by organising and prioritising my daily tasks. I coordinate total plant performance and so my work is mostly centred around preparing reports for internal and global meetings in order to correctly and accurately represent our operations. I also work closely with the Plant Director and this requires to collaborate with the different departments to provide a whole business outlook as far as Monozukuri is concerned.

What makes you proud to be a member of the Nissan South Africa team?

I joined Nissan as a graduate however my leaders spotted my talent and afforded me opportunities to grow within the company while developing my knowledge and experience. I am proud to be part of Team NSA because of the company culture which is driven by practical and impactful Nissan Way.  

What is the highlight of your day?

It has to be going home to my little family feeling fulfilled and knowing that I've contributed and worked diligently towards making Nissan South Africa successful and a great place to work.

What management attributes are enhanced by your unique diversity?

I believe that as a professional woman who works in a male dominated environment, my work ethic and achievements have proven that women are able and capable to achieve amazing things within the industry whilst nurturing and taking care of their families. I believe that my natural nurturing traits set me apart as I'm able to create a work environment that is welcoming, accommodating for everyone whilst also showing empathy when required.  

How do you leverage gender diversity in your everyday work life?

Nissan globally has in the past year or so worked on implementing Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion to be a crucial part of the overall company values. In doing so, the company has given me the opportunity to be part of conversations that are not only enlightening but create and foster platforms for me to share ideas and knowledge that can assist the company in creating an environment and culture that truly lives and embodies DEI principles.

How do you support Nissan's drive towards achieving the 'Let's Build' mid-term plan objectives?

I support the Let's Build mid-term plan by understanding where the company is going, aligning my work and bringing the best version of myself every day!