A memorandum of understanding to develop "zero emission" mobility has been signed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Italy's A2A, an energy company that is the main electricity supplier in Lombardy. For the Renault- Nissan Alliance, this project is part of a strategy to market a full range of electric vehicles. For A2A, it is part of efforts to promote sustainable development.

Through this cooperation, Renault-Nissan Alliance and A2A aim to create conditions that will promote the marketing and sale of electric vehicles.

The project, for which the pilot phase (2010) will concern the cities of Milan and Brescia in the first instance, makes provision for a partnership between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and A2A to:
- build recharging infrastructure. To this end, A2A is discussing agreements with technology partners to provide recharging points or terminals in public places, company car parks, homes, etc.;
- define and trial innovative electronic payment services in order to provide easy access to the recharging service;
- train and educate consumers on the use of electric vehicles and their benefits in terms of environmental protection, low fuel consumption and operating costs for the customer;
- work with the authorities on implementing incentive measures that will encourage consumers to buy and use electric vehicles.

The first field trials will take place in 2010 with a fleet of electric vehicles that will gradually be made available.

Electric vehicles, zero emissions in operation and silent, represent a breakthrough environmental solution affordable to the greatest number.

Marking its tenth anniversary this year, the Renault-Nissan Alliance is leading a collaborative approach with both business and governments and has signed nearly 30 agreements worldwide with partners to launch its first electric vehicle starting in 2010 and to mass market a full range of electrical vehicles in 2012.

"The partnership with A2A is a major step forward in two ways. First for the launch of Renault electric vehicles in the immediate future, and second for the concrete implementation of zero-emissions mobility in Italy," says Jacques Bousquet, Managing Director of Renault Italy. "Milan, and Lombardy in general, are the ideal place to trial electric vehicles, given that local government offices and consumers are very much aware of issues relating to the environment and sustainable development. We are delighted to be working with A2A on the development of technological and market solutions that will establish electric cars as a revolutionary mobility solution delivering benefits both for the environment and for motorists."

"Sustainable development is part of the brief of A2A," explains Giuliano Zuccoli, Chairman of the Management Board at A2A. "Electric cars will be one of the breakthrough solutions for the post-crisis period. As an energy company, we must pave the way for this technological leap by equipping cities with the infrastructure necessary for this new mobility."

The Renault-Nissan Alliance
Set up in 1999, the Renault-Nissan Alliance sold 6,090,304 vehicles in 2008. Through the Alliance, the two Groups are pursuing efforts to rank among the top three manufacturers worldwide for quality, technology and profitability.

A2A is a multi-utility company set up on January 1, 2008 following the merger of two historic electricity suppliers AEM Milan et ASM Brescia. It also includes two companies acquired from the environmental sector, Amsa and Ecodeco, both of which are examples of excellence in both Italy and Europe as a whole. A2A is Italy's No. 1 in the environmental sector, with around three million tonnes of waste treated, of which 1.7 million tonnes used to generate electricity. A2A is also Italy's No. 1 in district heating and No. 2 electric utility in terms of its installed capacity and sales volumes. It is a recordbreaker for its use of renewable energies with hydroelectric generation accounting for a high percentage - almost 28% - of output. A2A is also Italy's third biggest gas company with more than two billion cubic meters sold. The founding of A2A illustrates the growing interest in sustainable development. This is a constant concern for A2A, which supplies high quality services to customers and generates energy using innovative technologies that reflect new social, economical and ecological requirements.