As it breaks new ground for small car fuel economy and leads the class in minimising your carbon footprint, while remaining astoundingly refined whether in traffic or cruising the highway, the new Micra has not forsaken day to day practicality for its formidable modernity.

In fact highlighting once again just how versatile the new V-platform is, the new Micra has grown very slightly in size while having its overall weight reduced compared to the previous model. The architecture of the structure calls for a flat fuel tank located beneath the rear seats, and the position optimised to provide plenty of space for rear-seat passengers as well as a substantial 265l load area easily accessible via the perfectly-formed rear hatch. Front seat passengers also get to enjoy more leg room thanks to the minimal wheelhouse intrusion and relocated pedal configuration.

The cabin actually feels a lot roomier than the modest size increase would explain due to the application of this smart engineering. A conscious decision was taken to retain the core appeal of this type of vehicle, characterised by compact wieldy dimensions and the agility of a small city car to take much of the pressure out of navigating often traffic-clogged and narrow city lanes, and the new Micra is quite obviously still very much in sync with these sorts of surroundings. Made for them, actually.

Supporting the lack of intimidating bulk in cut and thrust situations, the glass area has been designed to rekindle fond memories of previous versions of the Micra family from the outside while providing great all-round visibility for the driver, making it even easier to place the Micra whether in gridlock or squeezing into a small parking space. The rounded front fenders frame the good downward vision angle created by the design of the bonnet to make precision placement of the new Micra into even the tightest of spots straightforward.

Also assisting the delivery of confidence-inspiring manoeuvrability is the class-leading turning circle of the new Micra, at just 9.3m kerb to kerb. Ideally suited to the unique challenges of urban driving, this trait ensures that the new Micra will fit right in with ease wherever you may go, from the tight confines of Franschhoek to the wide open roads of California. This is a truly global vehicle, and will be sold in 160 countries around the world, and this versatility is a key asset.

The new Micra provides a wealth of oddments stowage areas for driver and passengers to utilise as required, and is the most cost-effective to run based on the impressive 5.2l/100km combined cycle economy results. It's a car which is entirely in tune with the modern city and the needs of those who live and drive here, and has been designed from the outset to reduce the stress levels of modern motorists navigating tight, congested streets.

"This design makes it a more practical car with great all-round visibility. A crucial part of the car's enhanced road presence comes from its pronounced waistline and strong rounded contours that generate a feeling of robustness. The styling is organic - it fits you perfectly and delivers stress-free driving," concludes Makoto Yamane, Associate Product Chief Designer.


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