Nissan SA would like to congratulate the winner of their fabulous X-Life online competition, Hendrick Mathimbi, who has been awarded an unforgettable getaway to the value of R50 000  in a brand new Nissan X-Trail to take him and three friends on their latest adventure.

As an X-Trail owner, Hendrick is already well acquainted with living his very own X-Life, and won this enviable prize by getting extremely creative, and exceptionally heartfelt, in his amusing tale of how this special machine took his heart on a chance test-drive while awaiting the completion of a service on his previous Nissan vehicle.

“Right then, the deal was concluded. I gave up my two cars and settled for just the one. Not just one, but the all in one Nissan X-Trail,” writes Hendrick in his heart-warming tale. His bold assertions and obvious adulation for his very own X-Trail netted his story the highest number of votes on the microsite, paving the way for Hendrick to walk away with the grand prize in the “Win the X-Life” competition, which has been running since the 25th of March 2010.

From numerous online story submissions, Hendrick’s demonstrated a rare frankness and connected the reader directly with the thrill and excitement of X-Trail ownership, the very heart and soul of the X-Life campaign. Designed to attract existing and potential customers of the multi talented X-Trail, the microsite ran an entire series of competitions with weekly cash prizes worth R35 000 for voting on the stories being posted, as well as weekly spot prizes for story submissions themselves.

This modern marketing initiative brought X-Trail owners and the manufacturer of the exceptional vehicle closer together, and has been designed to urge those already living the X-Life to truly own the brand in South Africa and, through their passion and enthusiasm, share the word about the unique capabilities and strengths of their beloved vehicle. It is just one of a series of campaigns intended to convey the sheer thrill of owning the X-trail and living the X-Life, from the mouths of X-trail drivers themselves!

Now thanks to this initiative and interaction, Hendrick and his chosen compatriots can take time out from their daily lives to truly stretch their loan X-Trails legs, striking out on a bold new trail and having all new adventures on their R50 000 prize.

Comments Terry Mashoko, Nissan SA product manager for X-Trail; “The Nissan X-Trail has been No.1 SSUV for 6 years in a row and has sold nearly 20,000 units since it launched in 2001.  It is from this platform that the campaign was created to centre on linking the X-Trail to the multi-faceted, modern lives of our target customers. To express this concept, the new campaign line “WIN THE X-LIFE” was used as a call to action for people to interact with our product, experience it, and become part of the X-Trail community.

After receiving his prize in Johannesburg Hendrick will document and record the details of his epic adventure in words, photographs and video clips bringing his very own vivid X-Life experience to life for other owners and enthusiasts, who have come together to form a strong community around a common love for adventure on the X-Life website. 

“We’re thrilled with how X-Trail and potential X-Trail owners have rallied together to support this initiative online, and have formed a strong nucleus of core enthusiasts on the site all living out their own extraordinary X-Lives throughout the country. We’ll be continuing to drive this fun-loving and innately adventurous lifestyle even now that the competition has run its course with interesting content, daring ideas and the strong community spirit which has built-up around,” concludes Mashoko.

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