Key changes:

  • Redesigned frontal area
  • New grille
  • New headlight cluster
  • LED taillights
  • New alloy wheels
  • Upgraded materials and improved interior colour-coordination
  • More spacious, more convenience, and more comfort
  • High-tech specification sheet including rear-view camera featuring in-mirror display
  • New, more legible combi meter
  • New significantly expanded trip computer functionality
  • Intelligent key system
  • Improved authentic 4X4 capabilities with advanced Hill Descent Control
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Better value proposition

All adventurers in search of the ideal compact SUV to suit their active daily schedules need look no further than the new, 2011 Nissan X-Trail. This class leading model is now enhanced through the application of latest technologies and innovations to maintain its position in the highly competitive small SUV segment.

For 2011, Nissan has gone completely over the edge with this stalwart icon of its SUV range. Each model derivative, from the entry-level XE, to the mid-range SE, and finally range-topping LE versions have been upgraded to offer the X-Trail customer even more than the popular previous model already sported. Customers will also appreciate the price realignment of the X-Trail range, which sees the prices of 4X4-equipped versions in particular reduced to deliver astounding value for money.

The MY2011 X-Trail line up strikes out to tread a fine line between providing a wealth of options for customers to choose their optimum version, while avoiding an overly complex product catalogue making it easier for buyers to find their perfect model.

Ivan Ollivier, Nissan South Africa General Manager Marketing and Planning; The revisions to this 2011 X-Trail have created a small SUV which literally stands head and shoulders above the rest. We’ve packed authentic 4X4 qualities into a package which is modern and stylish, not to mention well equipped and very luxurious to drive or be driven in. Economically it’s even more impressive, with reduced consumption and CO2 emissions without any sacrifice in driving pleasure or outright capability. It is a complete small SUV with the most compelling combination of technology and rugged engineering available in the segment today.”

Strengthening the Nissan family

All the grades of X-Trail receive the same aesthetic makeover, a refresh which not only strongly aligns this model with other segment-leading vehicles available from Nissan, but also gives this authentic SUV a modern, artfully integrated profile. 

The styling adjustments are mostly concentrated around the “face” of the new model. The front bumper creates a more harmonious flow underlining the bold, chromed Nissan family grille. These new structures complement the neater headlamp clusters and subtly enlarged front and rear wheel arches, necessary to accommodate the new diameter of wheels.

Onlookers can immediately pick LE/SE grades from XE models based on the new headlight housings, with the mid- and high-spec variants looking resplendent with a chromed headlamp backing, while XE-grade X-Trails gain an appealing contrast with painted black headlight housing. The X-Trail LE also gains an eye-catching new design of 18” alloy, while the 17” rims fitted as standard to the SE and XE models also feature an appealing new double-spoke design. These replace the standard-fit 16” on SE/XE grades, and the previous 17” items on the X-Trail LE.

Ollivier; “The new, larger wheels across the range, in particular the 18” items now standard on the LE, give the X-Trail an even more aggressive, purposeful stance than ever. In fact, there’s more of everything in the new X-Trail – style, technology, luxury, space – and to top it all off there’s a welcome reduction in CO2 emissions as we continue to refine and optimise our platforms for modern environmental awareness.”

Tyre sizes are up from 215 to 225 in both cases, but despite this increase in rubber contact patch these components play their own small role in contributing to improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions. Low rolling-resistance rubber equates to an 8% reduction, or a reduction of 1.7g/km overall.

The back of the new X-Trail now features distinctive, vertical LED tail-light clusters for high visibility in all conditions and a clean, uncluttered rear profile. As well as creating a smoother rear profile, the new LED technology consumes less electricity lowering the load on the engine from the alternator, and therefore reducing overall fuel consumption and emissions. Yet despite the lower power usage, the LED strips are more clearly visible to other road users than conventional items, reducing the risk of accidents from the rear due to fellow motorists failing to notice an emergency application of braking.

While these exterior modifications have effectively created a sportier appearance to the X-Trail range, the vehicle remains an undeniably authentic SUV, blending this new impression with traditional SUV strengths. It may feature more modern styling than any previous X-Trail, but it remains a rugged and capable-looking machine reflecting perfectly the ample ability for adventure which lurks just beneath the stylised skin.

Finally, Nissan now offers the X-Trail in three striking new colours. Brilliant-white, New silver and an intriguing metallic Greyish-blue all add to customer choice on the preferred hue, while all the paint choices highlight the sportier than ever character of the MY11 X-Trail.

Even more upmarket

Inside the new X-Trail, the Nissan designers have made a concerted effort to raise the quality of materials and lift the general ambience of the cabin. An additional 10mm rear passenger knee thanks to meticulous front seat trim modifications and the improved interior comfort levels are further assisted by the plusher upholstery on cloth-equipped models. Better colour-coordination of interior materials, higher-quality materials, a more aesthetically pleasing treatment of the bottom A Pillar, and new chrome-look switch and air vent surrounds create an airy ambience rich in perceived quality.

As well as being more comfortable than ever, the new X-Trail is exceptionally practical, boasting intelligently thought-out nooks and binnacles for oddments storage in all the right places. There’s a double slide-out luggage “drawer” compartment beneath the rear load bed, ideal for those extras you might need for your weekend leisure activities, while the glove box as well as cup-holders in the front and rear feature heating and cooling functions as standard. As for boot space, again the X-Trail leads the SSUV class, boasting more than enough luggage-carrying ability for even the heavily-packed family!

The cabin is further enhanced for the driver by the addition of the latest technology and new instrument cluster, incorporating a new drive computer with a bevy of new informational options. The new instruments are clearer and more legible under all lighting conditions, while looking crisper and smarter than ever before.

Slip the gear lever into reverse on the range-topping LE model, and the 3.3” QVGA display for the rear-view camera lights up in your main rear-view mirror, delighting the driver with its display clarity and built-in reversing assistance in the form of trajectory markings which show exactly where your X-Trail will be going based on current steering angles. This vehicle marks the first time this advanced system has been employed in a Nissan vehicle, and the display can be deactivated if the driver prefers, with the switch located in the interior mirror.

Comments Terry Mashoko, SUV product manager at Nissan South Africa; “This new system is perfectly blended with the rear-view mirror, and when not functional you can’t see any edges where the screen is installed in the rear-view mirror itself. Customers will also be very impressed with the sheer, high-resolution quality of the rear-view display, making it user friendly and a great addition to our luxurious X-Trail LE.”

The X-Trail LE also receives a new Intelligent Key, which operates off a transponder integrated into the key itself making it unnecessary to even remove this physical item from your pocket to access and start the vehicle up. Simply open the door by stepping up to it and lightly touching a rubberised button on the handle, slide behind the wheel, and turn the moulded-on “key” to fire the engine for the ultimate in access convenience.

SE models have also had their specifications uprated, and now feature automatic headlights as well as rain-sensing windscreen wipers, and Bluetooth communications with control buttons mounted on the multifunction steering wheels, which also houses controls for the entertainment system and cruise control functions.

X-Trail XE customers can be assured of higher than ever safety levels thanks to the standard fitment of curtain and front side airbags as well as speed-sensing automatic door locking mechanism.

Perfectly matched drivetrains

The new X-Trail is offered with the same highly-developed and powerful drivetrains as before, which have proven so efficient that reducing emissions has required intelligent engineering in other areas rather than further tweaking of the power plants.

Beginning with the XE grade, customers can choose between the effortless, high-tech 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine mated to a sturdy, reliable manual gearbox, or a free-revving 2.0-litre petrol mill again using the same manual transmission. SE-grade diesel X-Trails employ a smooth-shifting automatic gearbox for the most undemanding drive in all conditions, while petrol X-Trail SEs deliver the ample power of their 2.5-litre engines to the wheels via a manual gearbox.

The range-topping LE once again employs the superb 2.0-litre diesel and automatic gearbox combination, with the petrol models enjoying exceptional economy as well as an even smoother drive thanks to the high-tech CVT gearbox fitted as standard. This adjustable-ratio transmission delivers the perfect combination between low-rev fuel economy and always-available power without ever interrupting the sheer smoothness of power delivery from the perfectly-balanced petrol motor.

These drivetrain options allow the X-Trail to be exactly what the customer wants, whether a fan of the frugality and incredible punch of the modern turbo diesel, or more inclined towards the free-revving and silken delivery of a well-developed petrol motor. Similarly, whether you prefer the convenience of an automatic transmission or the involvement of a manual, there’s an X-Trail model which will fulfill your desires. And you can rest assured that the drivetrain technology in every X-Trail on the showroom floor is optimized to deliver the lowest emissions and fuel consumption possible, without compromising on the rugged abilities or refined urban crawling one iota.

Unmatched capability

As well as being a comfortable and highly practical vehicle on the whole, the new X-Trail retains its rugged, multi-purpose character, mixing refined every day usability with exemplary off-road credentials. A ground clearance of 203mm positions X-Trail as one of the class leading leading SSUVs for raw off-road potential, and also allows for excellent ramp-over angles on extremely bumpy terrain, while the all-mode 4X4-I drivetrain with additional traction benefits from the ABLS (Active Brake Limited Slip Differential) delivers the best possible footing on even the most slippery surfaces.

To further assist the adventurous, the new X-Trail now features an Advanced Hill Descent Control (AHDC) system which allows the driver to specify the preferred rate of descent, between 4 and 15km/h, depending on prevailing conditions. The Hill Start Assist (HSA) setup makes ascending gradients as easy as stepping off the foot-brake and onto the throttle, without any juggling of the handbrake, for unfussed progress up and over the obstacle.

On the road, Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) acts as a silent guardian to ensure that the driver and passengers are kept safe from unexpected conditions by monitoring an array of wheel and yaw sensors to maintain traction and control at all times. Braking is actively controlled by ABS to prevent wheels from locking during emergency stops, and a very rigid structure combined with extensive active safety features like a full complement of airbags are there to improve occupant protection should an accident occur.

Even more X-Life for the living

The X-Trail’s sportier new stance and significantly uprated interior enhance the already very dependable and versatile platform further still, entrenching this vehicle as the leading SSUV contender for customers looking for the best of all worlds. High-tech, high-quality interior accommodations, a striking and visually arresting new appearance, and a superbly comfortable and refined drive whether dropping the kids at school or heading somewhere remote for leisure activities on days of down-time, the Nissan X-Trail delivers every time.

“The Nissan X-Trail may be sportier and more rounded a package than ever, but it remains the only authentic SUV in this market segment, combining style with strength, comfort with durability, and providing an excess of sheer versatility all of the time. This new model represents what we see as the pinnacle of the evolution of the SSUV, packed with the technology the modern customer demands without any compromise on the respected capabilities of Nissan off-road products. And the fact that it is priced more competitively than ever just makes it the ideal all-round package,”

“In short, it is the perfect partner for living the modern X-Life, and we expect it to consolidate its position as the market leader on these unmatched strengths,” concludes Mashoko.

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