Sketch of a Nissan Ariya

“It all starts with a single line…”

"It all starts with a single line" — this was message from Nissan’s global design senior vice president, Alfonso Albaisa, for the company-wide call for Nissan employees and their families to participate in the #DrawDrawDraw campaign.

Back in April 2020, when many countries were first entering lockdown mode, Nissan kicked off this creative initiative worldwide.

To get things started, Alfonso was asked to create a sketch specifically for staff working in Africa, Middle East and India. The inspirational result was this ‘one-off’, unique sketch of Patrol, with a personal message from Alfonso:

Alfonso Albaisa’s ‘one-off’ Patrol sketch especially for AMI with a message to ‘get drawing’ in April 2020

After a great response from staff and their children, Alfonso has given his thoughts and comments on some of the entries from around the region.

"Thank you so much for the great and passionate sketch! Super cool proportions, powerful hood and body muscle combined with blacked out  sleek cabin is great! Big wheels and the energetic forms around them make the car look ready to pounce and run! Thank you sooo much!"- Alfonso Albaisa

"Thank you for the great racer sketch! True to the enthusiast low and wedge proportions, aero low sharp hood and dynamic flow body is wonderful, I want to drive it!! Open spoke wheels out on the  corners give your design a ready to run the track feel and of course can’t forget the cool rear wing!!! Thank you again!!"- Alfonso Albaisa

"Thank you for the great sport sedan sketch! I love the 2 tone paint which makes the profile sleek and dynamic! I also like the flowing character line that starts low behind the front wheel and jumps over the rear tire making the car feel so muscular! Thank you again!!" - Alfonso Albaisa

"Thank you again for your wonderful participation in the Draw Draw Draw competition. I noticed it right away for how you brought onto the body some "organic/polygonal" flowing elements. I believe this is notable because the Ariya is dynamic and linear (straight element on the body side) and when you introduced your color theme it feels so fresh and much more hip and youthful! I hope you stay in touch and of course keep on drawing and expressing yourself in life!!!! Thank you so much Your fan in Tokyo!" - Alfonso Albaisa

"Thank you for yellow hot rod drawing! I love the way you drew the front fender shape with a strong black line! It shows your design very clearly and looks like a sideways lightning bolt!!! Looks soo fast! I feel your drawing is dynamic and powerful, reminds me of the street racing cars of when I was 1o years old in my hometown of Miami. Please keep drawing and enjoying your time expressing yourself with art! You have a great talent! Thank you again!!" - Alfonso Albaisa

"Wow, what a cool 510. Dropped suspension with extra camber on the rear is so cool. The blue, red, yellow, green and orange paint looks great with the blue dominating the upper half mking your car thinner and sleeker! Thank you and keep drawing and expressing yourself!" - Alfonso Albaisa

"I love the way you divided top from bottom by using the top line of the headlamp and grill. The top triangular motif repeated with color! The lower feels nicely playful with your scaling of stars! Super creative graphics! Please keep going and enjoy your personal journey!" - Alfonso Albaisa