With fuel prices continuing to soar, fuel efficiency is becoming increasingly pertinent in the minds of consumers. Nissan's Micra 1.5 DCi recently got tongues wagging when it achieved 1 000kms on a single tank of diesel. Equipped with a 40litre tank the sprightly Micra achieved an average fuel consumption figure of 3.7l/100kms on the journey.

The vehicle in question was a 3-door Tekna model, powered by a 1.5-litre turbo diesel engine. Mated to a five-speed gearbox it produces 60kW at 4 000rpm and offers a torque peak of 185Nm at 2 000rpm.

Motoring scribe Ray Leathern achieved the impressive result on a recent trip. A great deal of perseverance, patience and concentration were needed to achieve such frugal performance, however Leathern was quick to point out that these figures are realistic and attainable.

"This achievement is a great example of the kind of fuel consumption the Micra diesel is capable of achieving," adds Roel de Vries: Director Marketing and Sales, Nissan South Africa. "The car Ray used was a stock standard unit. It just goes to show that with the right equipment and conscientious driving style incredible results are attainable."  

"I had already driven 250km before the needle moved off the full," explains Leathern. "When I cracked 1 000kms late one evening, the computer let me know I still had a further 71km till empty."

It is also worth mentioning that at no point on the Nissan Micra's 1 000km-run, did it break any traffic laws. Leathern obeyed the rules of the road maintaining a 60km/h speed in a 60km/h zone and 100km/h speed in a 120km/h zone.

Leathern noted that using certain techniques, such as keeping your eye far on the horizon and making choices timeously, are crucial to achieving the desired result. "A car merging into the slow lane in front of you can rob you of valuable momentum so it is important to plan ahead to ensure you don't lose get caught in the traffic," he says. 

At the time of the journey it cost R380 to fill the Micra's tank, each kilometre therefore only cost 38 cents.

This isn't the first time a diesel-engined Nissan Micra has achieved such impressive fuel economy. In 2006 the Nissan Micra was driven through four African countries on one tank of petrol. The 963km run was undertaken at an average speed of 81km/h and resulted in an impressive figure of 3.3 litres/100km.

"We have proven before that the Nissan Micra is capable of achieving very impressive fuel consumption figures. With fuel costs continuing to sore consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of fuel frugality and we are confident that the Nissan Micra will exceed even the most scrupulous buyer's expectations," concludes de Vries.


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