• 'My Ride, My Rules' holiday activations punt funky Micra campaign
  • Design competition brings wealth of social media activity
  • Micra sees in the academic year at campuses

PRETORIA, ROSSLYN – Nissan's innovative 'My Ride, My Rules' campaign is proving to be a South African social media sensation, elevating the Micra to new levels of coolness and personifying the company's philosophy of 'Innovation that Excites'.

The campaign, launched late last year, invites people to demonstrate their creativity and individuality by designing their very own Micra on Nissan's Facebook page.

As well as a uniquely branded fleet of Nissan Micras stirring up attention and mass public interest at a series of live events, the campaign has led to Nissan more than doubling its Facebook 'Likes' to over 37,000.

Following the holiday activations which took place during the December period in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Plettenberg Bay and Durban as well as a radio drive in January, the campaign has followed on with student-focused activations as the academic year kicked off in February.

Social media frenzy

With the Facebook-based competition speaking to the youthful and hip individuals who are used to expressing their lifestyles and personalities with the car they drive, Nissan's Facebook statistics have shot through the roof as a result of the increased activity. With just over 11 100 'likes' on the Nissan Facebook page before the start of the campaign, the end of February saw a total of over 25 500 total 'likes', 14 400 of them being accumulated in just over ten weeks. Page activity, measured in a talk-to-likes ratio, is also high at 19.09% - nearly double the 10% threshold which is considered to be a good ratio.

Create your own cool and win!

The design competition, which invites creative individuals to personally design their own Nissan Micra on the Nissan Facebook page, seeks to encourage people from all walks of life to express their personalities, views and passion in a virtual design environment. Entrants can change colours and create a unique mix of decals – with thousands of combinations available the scope to create completely unique Micra is endless. The grand prize: a new Nissan Micra, branded with the winner's very own design.

Janico Dannhauser, Product Marketing Manager for Passenger Vehicles at Nissan South Africa, says the overwhelming response to the campaign has exceeded expectations and the competition is generating mass interest in both the Nissan Micra and the Nissan brand. "Our Facebook page has boomed since we launched the competition and with one month still to go before it closes, we have had over 14 000 entries into the competition thus far. With holiday makers having enjoyed the campaign in December and the country's students now enjoying the Micra activations at RAG processions and student parties, there is no doubt that the Micra has realised a new level of coolness."

Competition entries are open until 31 March 2013 and entering is easy. Simply visit www.facebook.com/NissanSouthAfrica and 'like' the page. Then, click through to the 'My Ride, My Rules' design microsite where a blank canvas Micra awaits customisation. Save it, share it and get your friends to vote – think carefully and use your single vote on your favourite customised Micra – the Micra with the most votes will win the competition!

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