Rosslyn, South Africa – Known as the "Good News Guy" on CliffCentral, Brent Lindeque has an eye for inspiring his fellow South Africans to make a difference in the lives of the needy and downtrodden.

Brent's story began in 2014 when he was nominated to down a drink in the popular social media game #Neknominations. He decided to turn the idea on its head and help a homeless beggar, turning the #Neknomination into a random act of kindness nomination #RAKnomination.

The idea spread like wildfire and soon Brent's video of doing a kind act was past 780 000 views on YouTube and he found himself in front of cameras of a different kind as TV stations from across the world broadcast his goodwill challenge.

In much the same way as he turned the #Neknomination on its head, Brent has turned the unexpected media attention into an on-going social drive to help his fellow South Africans and people across the world. #Raknominations has morphed into #ChangeOneThing and now Random Acts of Kindness 2015 (#RAK15).

"For this year's campaign I stepped up the challenge and will randomly help someone or a charitable organisation every single day for the month of July. In doing so I took up Nissan's challenge to make my actions last well beyond #NissanMagic," says Brent.

The #RAK15 campaign has made waves across the globe, and participants include Gareth Cliff, the Super Bowl winning New England Patriots, Ryan Seacrest and even The Today Show.

"I am very excited to be part of the #NissanMagic campaign as part of #RAK15. Nissan's kind offer to use its national network and fleet of vehicles is a perfect example of the spirit behind #RAK15 – using what you have to randomly help someone else. As with #RAKnominations, I am sure we will be surprised by the power of doing good," says Brent.

"To join the #RAK15 campaign is easy," reckons Brent. "Don't wait to be nominated, just do a random act of kindness. Create a video of your act and nominate three people to do the same. Share the video using #RAK15 and repeat!"

Besides inspiring his followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and his Wordpress blog, Brent is also the founder and CEO of Chaos Theory, a brand activation and events agency that works with many of South Africa's most loved brands.

In addition to #NissanMagic, Nissan embarked on another random act of kindness on Friday, 17 July to commemorate Mandela Day. In a blanket drive that has become a tradition for Nissan, taking place for the past nine years, the company matched the staff's donations to gather 330 blankets, which it distributed to three charities on Friday. As a follow up to the 702 Sun International CEO Sleepout, for which Nissan raised R250 000 in support of The Girls and Boys Town Foundation, it donated 60 blankets to the foundation in Magaliesberg. The other organisations that received blankets were the Direlang Sechaba Community Organisation in Ga-Rankuwa and House of Moiletswane in Winterveldt.

You can follow the #NissanMagic campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and


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