The new 2010 Nissan X-Trail range is here. And it’s taking no prisoners. To further entrench the icons long-standing dominance of the small SUV market, Nissan has decided to pull out all the stops: a new model range with enhanced features and extremely competitive new prices! Evolving to remain a class-leader and adapting quickly to “give the market what they really want” is the simple philosophy behind the extensive changes to the line-up.

If practice makes perfect, then you can be assured that Nissan has lofty ambitions for the success of the new 2010 X-Trail. A winning recipe, honed over time has delivered precisely what a compact SUV is all about – a no compromise ‘best of both’ alternative.

Market leader

When the X-Trail originally launched at the end of 2001, the rugged Nissan redefined the compact SUV with unmatched practicality, credible off-road ability and a comfortable, luxurious interior. Even as competitors came up with their own models, this mindshare leadership position continued to be reinforced by customers across the globe voting with their purchasing power. In the SA market, the X-Trail has dominated the sales charts for small SUVs ever since, and more than 18 000 satisfied customers now form an integral link in the chain that will anchor its future success

In order to maintain market leadership, Nissan has paid heed to the suggestions made by this passionate base to create a more streamlined, easily explicable new model line-up. Building on the strategy of the existing range, Nissan continues to offer a wide choice of engine and transmission options, while adding luxury items to both the entry-level (XE) and range-topping (LE) models at a reduced list price. The mid-spec X-Trail (SE) is a completely new spec model bearing little resemblance, bar the rugged styling of this authentic SUV, to previous iterations bearing the badge.

The 2010 X-Trail is as a result packed with innovation and is a true multi-purpose SUV for a modern, multitasking lifestyle. And regardless of the task before it, the X-Trail excels.

Comments Ross Garvie, X-Trail Product Manager; “Our X-Trail customers are extremely passionate and loyal to the brand. The X-Trail has a unique heritage and well-deserved reputation in South Africa, and thanks to this strong emotional bond we are able to stay very close to our customers changing preferences. As a result, the 2010 X-Trail really delivers exactly what the market wants at an outstanding price!”

An authentic, no-compromise SUV

It is the exceptional duality of nature at the heart of the X-Trail experience which has, and will continue to, define its market success and allow the model to retain this exalted number-one sales position. A rugged, classically-proportioned exterior combines with high-tech 4X4 underpinnings and an interior which is luxurious, generously equipped and superbly spacious.

Whether you’re out exploring or commuting from home in the morning, it’s this no-nonsense attitude which makes the X-Trail extraordinary. It stands out as a vehicle clearly capable of more than the challenge it currently faces, but comfortable in a multitude of roles in support of people’s multi-faced lifestyles. It’s clearly a product of exacting standards of engineering precision, and is even more generously equipped with safety features and luxury items for 2010.

In short, it is exemplary in every way you’d expect of even larger SUVs.  And now, it’s even more affordable than ever to boot!

Comments Ross Garvie. NSA product manager; “The new model line-up and improved specification packaged into this latest generation provides superior economies of scale, which we’re passing directly on to our customers through even more competitive pricing across the board. It isn’t often that you get more for less these days, but the new X-Trail range is delivering precisely that.”

More nice, less price

Beginning with the range-topping LE models, both the 2.5-litre petrol and economical 2.0-litre diesel now come standard with automatic transmissions - a highly advanced Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT) in the petrol-powered model, and a smooth-shifting 6-speed auto to complement the torque rich diesel version.

In addition, the interior of the X-Trail LE has been enhanced with a higher-quality feel and more luxurious tones. Added safety and comfort features like drive-away door locking and telescopically-adjustable steering are thoughtful touches too. To round-out the improvements, you can now enjoy more of your favourite tunes on the superb in-car entertainment system thanks to the addition of an auxiliary audio input for your iPod.

These additions perfect the already-generous specification of the X-Trail LE models, with the value offering taking a substantial jump thanks to a revised list price.

Timeless design, modern trimmings

The mid-range X-Trail SE is essentially an all-new model and the beneficiary of a significant raft of changes. The X-Trail SE now has an upmarket leather-upholstered interior as a factory-fitted option, with standard cruise control, telescopic steering-column, MP3 player input, automatic door-locking and most importantly for those who demand genuine SUV capabilities, the more advanced and safer 4X4-i AWD system. Nissans’ advanced 4x4-i adds full Vehicle Dynamic Control electronics, Hill Descent Control and more advanced off-road functionality such as ABLS (Active-Brake-Limited-Slip) for better traction and control.

There are now two X-Trail SE models available, the 2.5-litre petrol motor mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, and the commendable 2.0-litre diesel with 6-speed automatic gearbox. The exceptionally refined and torquey diesel motor shines through -  at its best when combined with the smooth-shifting automatic transmission, which also makes commuting a fuss-free breeze regardless of traffic conditions.

Explains Garvie; “Our research showed that customers in this segment would rather have control of their own ratios in a petrol-powered X-Trail, and buy-up to the LE if they really wanted the sophisticated CVT system instead. Diesel drivers are happier to leave changing gears to a smooth, intelligent automatic ‘box, as the narrower available rev range can make pumping the clutch a tiresome affair in stop-start traffic conditions. So, we’ve made sure our new X-Trail line-up reflects these needs precisely.”

This alignment with real market demands makes the mid-range X-trail SE an even more compelling contender in this market segment. Now offering everything a customer needs for a truly exceptional driving and ownership experience at a superbly-judged value point.

The crowd favourite

The entry-level XE grade has also been refreshed and now rides on stylish 16-inch alloy wheels as standard, enjoys a revised and more upmarket interior treatment and provides the extended driver comfort of the telescopically-adjustable steering wheel.

“We found that, on the whole, our customers were already very happy with the X-Trail XE models, but went ahead and added some always-welcome upmarket features anyway. XE-grade X-Trails now offer the most superb value available in the segment today,” comments Garvie.

The compact 2.0-litre diesel engine was recently the star of a uniquely South African adventure, where two vehicles traversed the country at its widest point, in excess of 2000km, and met in the middle of SA - each on less than a single tank of fuel. These 4X2 XE-grade X-Trails managed this feat in typically unfussed fashion, with the advanced drivetrain effortlessly returning an average of under 5l/100km, and this with novice drivers at the wheel!

Live the X-life

In addition to these model-specific addenda, the new X-Trail also features improved safety for the most valuable components of a multifaceted modern lifestyle, your family, courtesy of the addition of Isofix child-seat mounting points across the board.

As a package, the X-Trail continues to offer the rational advantages which make it such an intelligent purchase. It’s a genuine, rugged and reliable Nissan which combines luxury, an amply spascious interior and handsome aesthetics without the compromise of hefty fuel bills. In fact the X-Trail range incorporates some of the most efficient powertrains in the segment, giving the customer all the benefits of a genuine SUV with none of the running-cost drawbacks. It is this duality which has defined and framed the success story that is the X-Trail, and the new model advances on this appeal even further.

New 2010 X-Trail Range



2.0 Petrol 4x2 M/T XE               R 268,300

2.5 Petrol 4x4 M/T SE               R 334,300

2.5 Petrol 4x4 CVT LE               R 391,300


2.0 dCi 4x2 M/T XE                   R 288,300

2.0 dCi 4x4 6AT SE                   R 369,300

2.0 dCi 4x4 6AT LE                   R 411,300

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