ROSSLYN, South Africa – This past festive season, three Glam Gals embarked on a road-trip in the Nissan X-Trail to the village of Lusikisiki on the border of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. The purpose of the trip, called the Ubuntu Christmas Adventure, was to relive their childhood Christmas memories of the time they celebrated the festive holidays in the village in true Mzansi Ubuntu style.

"We are pleased to have been in partnership with the Glam Gals and the Ubuntu Christmas Adventure," said Nissan Head of Communications, Patience Dumisani. "They showed all South Africans what it means to go back to their roots and the true meaning of an African Christmas. We are delighted that they chose to use the X-Trail, which ferried them safely to their destination. The road conditions, driving distance and high traffic volumes were no match for the X-Trail further demonstrating that it is indeed a versatile vehicle suited for families driving in all manner of road conditions."

Conceptualised by motoring journo and self-confessed Glam Gal Vuyi Mpofu, the getaway aimed to realise that the spirit of Ubuntu is as much alive and well in our country as it always has been. Without booking accommodation or having a detailed itinerary, Ms Mpofu headed out on a 10-hour drive with two of her friends, Songo Didiza and Charmaine Moswane, with a basic plan to knock on doors in the first village they came across and ask for hospitality and shelter in exchange for doing whatever household chores were required of them. None of the ladies had been in that part of the country over the past 10 years and none knew anyone there.  All they had was a fuel-efficient Nissan 1.6 cDi, open minds and plenty of hope.

"The Ubuntu Christmas Adventure was borne out of a desire to disengage from the way society perpetuates the festive season," said Mpofu. "The reality is that Christmas in Africa is blisteringly hot and has nothing to do with snow, reindeer and a big bearded guy in a red suit. For me and the vast population of South Africa and other African countries Christmas is celebrated differently and for me, the Ubuntu Christmas Adventure is the embodiment of what this period is all about."

Waking up each morning after sleeping on the mud floor of their rondaval and taking a bath the traditional way – in a tin basin with just enough water to cover one's ankles, the ladies had a breakfast of tea and soft porridge before paying their dues. From fetching buckets of water from the nearby stream and collecting firewood for their host family to cooking in giant three-legged pots over and open fire -this was obviously not the place for high-heels, make-up or gloriously curled weaves!

"The Nissan X-Trail was the perfect choice for our trip, not only because of its comfort, capabilities, fuel-efficiency and safety technology but also because it is an affordable and practical family-orientated vehicle," said Mpofu. "The X-Trail impressed many people in and around Lusikisiki as they are more accustomed to seeing big SUVs and pimped-up 4x4s on their intense twisty gravel roads. They just couldn't believe that a 'car' could tackle the road conditions which of course a great testimony for Nissan."

The Nissan X-Trail has the look and feel of a premium SUV, but it also has the super-smart technology – such as Nissan's innovative Safety Shield - that provides the ability to tackle any on-road or off-road adventure. And because families come in all shapes and sizes, the new X-Trail has the option of seven seats, ensuring that no one misses out on the fun. Prices start from R397 900.

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