Francois Greeff charging his Nissan LEAF

#ProtectingHourEarth: Nissan Sustainability Heroes

Francois Greeff - Senior Manager: Advanced Technology and Energy Savings at Nissan Motor Corporation

Nissan emphasizes the importance of driving a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive society by focusing on sustainability and sustainable practices. With sustainability at the forefront of Nissan's vision, the #ProtectingHourEarth campaign seeks to educate and celebrate the employees who play an integral role in making this vision come to life. 

This week, we chat with Francois Greeff, Senior Manager of Advanced Technology and Energy Savings at Nissan Motor Corporation

What does sustainability mean to you? 

"Behoud" is an Afrikaans word that loosely translates into `leaving things as they were when you found them.' For me, this translates into an awareness of our ecofootprint. The Earth is our home as it is for many other beings, so to keep it balanced, we need to replenish what we consume. 

Sustainability as a concept can sound daunting, how do you include sustainability in your everyday practices, even at the workplace? 

I have built water-wise garden at home, with predominantly indigenous succulents and cycads – all living off rainwater. As a hobby, I started a small aquaponics garden that currently provides a few herbs for me to cook with. Furthermore, I am a bit of a technology geek: I love tracking new developments and explore enhancing life through incorporating technology into everyday tasks. From having a large solar power installation at home to using the smallest and least energy-consuming devices.

Any sustainability initiatives you would like to tell us about? 

As Nissan South Africa, we are in the process of commissioning a water treatment facility. This ensures a process where we can monitor water consumption as well as the reuse and recycling of the same water. In addition to this, we are fitting some of the parking spaces with solar panels in critical business and operation sites, to reduce the consumption of energy. These steps are very crucial in reducing Nissan's overall ecofootprint. They also provide a gateway for other green energy projects. Being part of an organization that prioritizes sustainability, I am excited to play a role in establishing these innovative initiatives.

What is your advice to those who would like to take better care of the planet by involving themselves in sustainability initiatives? 

At home, be water-wise. With South Africa's water shortage history, it is up to us to save water as much as possible. When buying electronics, always go for the energy-efficient appliances, it may seem like a little contribution to saving our planet, but a little goes a long way. Always consider how you dispose of waste, especially old appliances, as they can be harmful to the environment. Lastly, plant a tree at least once a year!

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