The new, front-wheel-drive Nissan X-TRAIL makes perfect sense for those looking for an MPV- or wagon-type vehicle that doesn't require any sacrifices in terms of practicality or style. Priced aggressively against much less spacious C-segment MPVs and undercutting compact station wagons, the feature-laden X-TRAIL is aimed squarely at "funky families".

  According to Wilhelm Baard, Nissan South Africa's senior manager, passenger vehicle marketing, the new model makes sense on both an emotional and rational level: "This car is the perfect alternative for those looking for an antidote to the established small SUVs, mini-MPVs and traditional wagons. It boasts more space and convenience features than almost any rival, yet it has loads of street cred and more than a touch of attitude."

  As well as targeting wagons and MPVs, the X-TRAIL is also likely to appeal to 4x2 double cab customers who can now have a vehicle with more comfort and style but without sacrificing carrying capacity. In addition, it provides a clear migration path to other models in the X-TRAIL range.  "The focus market is largely active families who still want freedom and independence despite the children," explains Baard. "They have a lifestyle that embraces a host of demanding outdoor activities – and often different ones for each member of the family  – and they need a vehicle that accommodates such a routine.

 "This new addition to the X-TRAIL range is a comfortable, spacious and easy to drive vehicle which will prove ideal for work, gym, transporting the kids to school and their extra-murals, and still be up to whatever is planned for the weekend".


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