Nokuthula Khumalo and Vukani Khumalo shaking hands

Nissan Paves the Way to Empower SMMEs

Nissan South Africa is on a mission to empower small businesses across the country.

Nissan South Africa in collaboration with the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) has had the pleasure of serving a vast range of SMMEs since 2016 by donating various Nissan vehicles to qualifying emerging entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses. We've done so as a company because we believe that by contributing positively to people's stories, we can make a difference in their life.

While checking in with people who have received these vehicle donations and have since become part of the Nissan Family, Nokuthula Khumalo and Vukani Khumalo thanked Nissan South Africa for donating the iconic and industrious NP200 which helped them run their business Khuvena Consultancy CC more efficiently.

Prior to the vehicle handover, the two business partners revealed that they had sought several different avenues to grow their company without success until 2013, when they acquired Palm Valley Engen Garage. As a result, NEF recognised their enterprise as an eligible candidate for a Nissan NP200 bakkie donation, as well as providing funding for their business.

Owing to Nissan and the NEF's efforts, Mr. Khumalo also revealed that Palm Valley Engen Garage has functioned brilliantly over the years. By Engen Petroleum's key performance standards, which include volume growth, turnover growth, frequent audits, employee training, customer service, and loyalty programmes, the oil company has consistently rated Palm Valley Engen Garage as an "A-level" site.

Below are some of the accolades they have achieved in recognition of good practice:

  • Engen dealer of the year award: 2016 – 3rd prize.
  • Dealer Performance & Recognition Programme: 2018 – 1st Runner up in the convenience section.
  • Top 10 performer in e-learning staff development initiatives

"Any business's prosperity is dependent on a variety of factors working together, as such, the NP200 plays a significant role in the functioning of our business," Vukani Khumalo, Managing Member of Khuvena Consultancy, told us. "The dedication of everyone on our team, as well as the support we received from NEF and Nissan, has helped us get to where we are today." He closed.