YOKOHAMA –  The meeting lasted for 2 hours 29 minutes, starting from 10:00 JST and concluding at 12:29 JST. A total of 1,701 shareholders attended the meeting.

The shareholders' meeting declared a new era for mobility and a new era for Nissan - the era for "Sustainable Mobility" and "Mobility for All". Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn and Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga reported on the company's sales and financial performance from Fiscal Year 2009 and its outlook for Fiscal Year 2010. In addition, the executives outlined the company's commitment to innovation and leadership in affordable, 100% electric, zero-emission vehicles, and they highlighted the company's strategy for ongoing improvements in fuel efficiency and emissions reduction for internal-combustion-engine vehicles. Ghosn also presented the company's vision for growth in the emerging markets, emphasizing Nissan's commitment to deliver "mobility for all" with a full range of vehicles across designs, technologies and price points.

After the official presentations, Ghosn led the Q&A session and opened by addressing issues that have been top of mind among shareholders and media over the past several weeks in response to the new Japanese regulations for disclosure of executive compensation. Ghosn outlined the compensation for six of the company's leading executives. He also repeated the company's plan to pay a dividend of 10 yen per share for Fiscal Year 2010, which was presented on May 12, 2010 during the company's Fiscal Year 2009 Financial Results announcement.

Three items were proposed to the shareholders for approval:

  1. Election of Two Statutory Auditors
  2. Delegation to the Board of Directors to determine the terms and conditions of issuing Shinkabu-Yoyakuken (Share Options) without consideration to employees of the Company and directors and employees of its affiliates
  3. Granting of Share Appreciation Rights (the "SAR") to Directors

All items were approved as presented.

After concluding the Q&A session and official shareholder business, Ghosn and Shiga welcomed shareholders to a reception at the Exhibition Hall at Pacifico Yokohama, where shareholders were provided with rides in Nissan LEAF, the company's first affordable, 100% electric, zero-emission car, which launches in December 2010 in Japan, the United States and Europe. The indoor showcase of Nissan LEAF demonstrated that the new car has no tailpipe, uses no oil or gasoline, and thus emits no emissions.

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